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``My greatest source of inspiration is observation, the strength of the simple forms. Nature and life itself with his everyday poetry``



I work intuitively, spontaneously and almost always in a direct relation to the material. I’m fascinated about the strength that simple forms contain. The greatest source of inspiration for me is the observation. The nature and the life itself with his everyday poetry.
All the jewelry pieces you will discover in this store I design and make myself in my workshop; one by one, in an artisanal way, combining contemporary design with traditional technique, taking care of every detail, both in the production phase and in the design. I only use quality materials, all from local suppliers, having a knowledge of their origin. I develop unique pieces, small collections and limited series, pieces of jewelry of simple and light lines, modern and timeless, that intentionally maintain the irregularities of manual work, which gives them a particular and unique character. Jewels to enjoy and comfortable to wear daily.
I also offer personalized service for the design and production of engagement and wedding rings.
Pieces for all those women and men who are looking for a different kind of jewelry, who support independent design and appreciate the handmade work; who are committed to a sustainable and responsible type of consumption.
I invite you to discover my work!


 “I am Silvina Rio, passionate about design, arts and crafts. In Argentina, where I was born, I studied Fashion and Textile Design, at the University of Buenos Aires and made several workshops related to Decorative Arts.
In the year 2000, motivated by my desire to accumulate new experiences and discover other materials and forms of expression, both creative and artistic, I moved to Barcelona to study Contemporary Jewelry Design and Technique at the Massana School and Metal Engraving at the Industrial School.
I was recognized as 3 * Finalist Enjoia’t Awards Goldsmiths FAD and for several years I have also been part of the contemporary art jewelers collective “Joyas Sensacionales” based in Barcelona.”

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