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COLLABORATION: Introducing Le Couturier

Slow fashion made in Spain

COLLABORATION: Introducing Le Couturier

For me is a great pleasure to introduce this timeless fashion brand with which we share our creative worlds and the love for the artisanal work.

Le Couturier is a timeless fashion brand based in Berlin and Barcelona. Three years ago I received an email from Nuria, the creative soul of the brand, who proposed me to participate in her new project Le Couturier. I could not resist the idea of being able to design exclusive pieces for a brand of entrepreneurs with whom we share the spirit and philosophy of slow and artisan work.

Our project aims to return to the origin of fashion, to that elegance based on simplicity. We do not care about trends, we do not work with tight schedules and we avoid overproduction… we create everything slowly, with the best sustainable materials we can find and always keeping a close relationship with our suppliers and our clients.

So with great enthusiasm, in November 2016 we began to take our first steps in the path of collaborative work.
With creative freedom and full confidence in the project were born jewelry full of simplicity and femininity, comfortable to wear daily and all produced in Spain with high quality materials.

You can only find them in Le Couturier the online store.

We create handmade clothes and we produce them with care and love. We work with small workshops and local suppliers.

I invite you to discover the slow and sustainable fashion world of Le Couturier. Welcome!

Site: www.lecouturierstore.com

Instagram: lecouturierstore



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